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Welcome to the Cleveland Punk and Hardcore WebRing homepage.
First off you might ask, "What is the Cleveland Punk and Hardcore webring?" Well It is a webring of all the supporting Cleveland punk and hardcore pages.

I made this webring because i desiced that we, the cleveland punks and hardcore kids have to unite together and support one another. I don't care if your a punk rock kid and says "fuck hardcore!" or a hardcore kid saying, "haha punk rock kids are weak". Fuck all that moise boys and girls. We are here to Unite and make our scene a better place. And to all get along and drop these lines of hatred between each other. By supporting each other in actions to make the scene a better place, will help us keep our scene here in good old Cleveland.

First off you might be asking," Well how do i become a part of the Cleveland Punk and Hardcore Webring?" Well first off my qualifications for being a part of this webring are as follows:

Next you will need to fill out this submit for to me. Then you must place the HTML code on your page before you will actually be a part of this webring.You will recieve an email saying that you have been accepted but not put up yet, until i see that you have the HTML on your page. Once i see that is done, then you will recive another email stating that your site has been added. In the email you should recieve info on how to put up the HTML. If you have any questions, email me "a href="">Ryan

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